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Mac DeMarco: 04.02.14
Photography by Drew Reynolds

holy shit this is such an amazing and cool photo of him


Britney Spears was one of the only true punks in Hollywood. So many “punks” are in it for the aesthetic and culture but Britney transcended the superficial elements of punk and actually embodied it organically. After being turned it to a product at an age when she wasn’t even old enough to know what she was getting herself into, she denounced it all, shaved her hair off, and put everything on the line because she was tired of being controlled by “the man”. She didn’t go around with safety pins in her nose and anarchy patches on her jacket but this bitch didn’t need to talk that talk because she just walked the walk instead. Britney put Hollywood on its head, more so than many self-identified punks ever did.

"I knew that if I said a single word, I would burst into tears, as I always did, always had, my entire life, whenever anything difficult had to be discussed. It always was too scary; a threat I had felt since childhood that at any moment a relationship might disappear with a poof because of something little I had done or said."

— Sheila Heti, How Should A Person Be? (via nobunnyluvsyou)

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Luma Grothe by Billy Kidd for Barneys S/S 2014


"Trying things out, trying things on" photographed by Brett Lloyd & Rachel Chandler for Purple Fashion #19 Spring/Summer 2013.

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